Lao Chambers’ Development Strategy

LNCCI to Improve Capacity


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The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) hosted a top-level meeting of the executive committee and provincial chambers, as well as other business associations, on November 2, 2007 in Vientiane. The president of the LNCCI, Kissana Vongsay, said the executive committee discussed plans to improve capacity building of the chamber for the year 2008, to ensure that the entrepreneurs groups and associations benefited as much as possible. He said government officials should work to improve the business environment for entrepreneurs, and help resolve government – related problems of business owners, to ensure that the private sector can help the country’s economic progress. Strengthening the business community in Laos will be the key issue of LNCCI in the year 2008, who is committed to take leadership in business and employers representation.

Participants Group Picture

Participants Group Picture

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry will also play a part in increasing local incomes, as part of the national socio-economic development process. New entrepreneurs will have the chance to learn more about how to improve their businesses and to ensure they can export their products to international markets, on the same level as experienced entrepreneurs. To implement the new plans, the executive committee will ensure that the national chamber is enshrined in law, rather than being the subject of a Prime Minister Decree. Since 1989, when the Lao National Chamber was established, the number of members has been increasing to 1075, including 25 business associations and 9 provincial chambers. Still it needs to improve services to the members, such as business information, and to attract new members in all business sectors in Laos.

At the closing ceremony, Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr. Nam Viyaket, provided comments on the government’s point of view on the promotion of the business community’s development. According to Viyaket, the government fully supports the movement of the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the leader of the business community in Laos. The event was supported by UNIDO and UNDP who were represented by Dr. Kheungkham Keonuchan and Stephane Vigie.