Symposium on Professional Education in Anhui

The Role of Chambers of Commerce in Vocational Training

China’s Anhui General Chamber of Commerce organized a Sino-German Symposium on Vocational Training on December 12 and 13, 2007 in cooperation with the Sino-German SME Project and the Hefei College of Finance and Economics. More than 50 owners and managers of private training institutions and other educational experts from the whole province participated in the event. After an introduction by Vice Presidents Cao Jianhua and Wu Chenggui, the Head of Programme Management of the German SEQUA gGmbH Dr. Ralf Meier, explained in his presentation the German dual system and the important role of chambers of commerce and industry as well as chambers of skilled crafts in coordination and administration of vocational training.

Presentation by Dr. Ralf MeierProf. Chen Zhulin of Shanghai’s Tongji-University explained possibilities of applying the German dual system in China. Prof. Su Yan (Hefei Institute of Vocational Training), Prof. Zeng Xianghong (China Computer Science Vocational School), Huang Bangduo (Tongyong Technology School) and Fan Shenping (Anhui Bureau of Labor and Social Security) contributed with their speeches and presentations to a complete overview on the current discussion about improving and modernizing their country’s vocational training system. Their viewpoints and the possible future role of chambers in vocational training were then actively discussed in small groups.

New SchoolDuring his visit of two private schools in the provincial capital of Hefei before the symposium, Dr. Ralf Meier obtained deeper insights into the current situation of vocational education in China. He explained that he was very impressed by the high organizational level of the new private schools. For example, the Hefei College of Finance and Economics just started operations in 2006 and already admitted over 7000 students within less than one year. In discussions with the top management of the schools, he shared his opinion and provided valuable advice in regard to their further development strategy. The students vividly expressed their appreciation of Meier’s visit.

Discussion with Dr. Ralf Meier

Discussion with Dr. Ralf Meier

Workshop for New Chamber Vice Presidents

Anhui Leadership Training

Workshop SessionThe Anhui General Chamber of Commerce (AHGCC) organized the first training workshop for entrepreneurs who were recently elected vice-presidents of all prefectural chambers in the province. The workshop took place on November 23 and 24, 2007 in Hefei, the provincial capital, with 70 participants. Anhui Chamber President Li Weihua and Vice Presidents Cao Jianhua, Yan Anyun and Wu Chenggui held keynote speeches during the workshop. Experts Helmut Schoenleber and Zeng Fanyin explained the principles and guidelines of chamber work and leadership in their presentations.